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Covid social distancing icon COVID-19 MESSAGE TO OUR CLIENTS AND FRIENDS:

We want to assure you that we are taking the necessary precautions to ensure the health and safety of our clients, colleagues and staff at this time. We will remain fully operational, but will be limiting access to our office to scheduled appointment only, and we will conduct business via phone and Zoom conference whenever it is practical to do so. Please contact the office during business hours if you have any questions.



What We Do

We are divorce lawyers. With over 25 years of experience between us, our clients benefit from our knowledge, dedication and forward-thinking approach to family law.
  • Divorce & Legal Separation
  • Divison of Assets
    • Closely Held Businesses
    • Agricultural Operations
    • Executive Compensation
    • Retirement Benefits
    • Military Benefits
    • Complex Estate Plans
    • Multi-Generational Trusts and Estates
  • Alimony & Maintenance
  • Custody Disputes
    • Parenting Plans
    • Paternity
    • Multi-Jurisdictional Disputes
    • Relocations
  • Mediation
  • Adoptions & Guardianships
    • Step-Parent Adoptions
    • Adoptions
    • Children of Non-Married Parents
    • Children Conceived Pre-Obergefel
  • Marital Contracts
    • Prenuptial/Pre-Marital Agreements
    • Cohabitation Agreements
    • Property Contracts (Non-Married Parties)
  • Business Dissociations
    • Departing Partners
    • Real Estate Partitions
    • Shareholder Oppression
    • Judicially Supervised Dissolution
Adam Astley Portrait

Adam Astley

Founding Partner

Adam’s goal for every case – no matter how complex – is to make the divorce process direct, efficient and easy to understand.

For the past 15 years, he has represented parents, business owners and high-net-worth individuals in hundreds of divorce cases. He has navigated the most complex legal issues in divorce, including changes to final property judgments, allegations of fraud, and contentious multi-year custody litigation. He was the first lawyer to enter a limited-appearance in a divorce in the state of Nebraska.

Adam's clients benefit from his passion for technology and innovation. He applies tools that save time, money and aggravation. He created the Nebraska Child Support Calculator, a piece of software used by more than 1,000 Nebraska lawyers and judges. In the courtroom, he manages thousands of pages of exhibits from his MacBook, while many opponents lug boxes of documents.

Adam frequently speaks on legal technology and family law. He provides annual training for the Nebraska State Bar Association on new case law and trends, and he has testified on family law issues before the Nebraska Legislature.

Adam has been recognized as a "Top Lawyer" of Omaha in the area of Family Law for 2021. He earned an “AV” rating in Martindale-Hubbell peer rankings and is among the Top Rated Family Law “Super Lawyers” in Nebraska.


  • J.D., Creighton University School of Law, magna cum laude, 2004
  • B.A., Creighton University, 2001
  • American Bar Association
  • Nebraska Bar Association
  • Fellow, 2014-present
  • Chair - Family Law Section, 2012-2014
  • Leadership Academy 2011
  • Omaha Bar Association
  • Sarpy County Bar Association
  • Omaha Barrister’s Club
Kathryn (Domet) Putnam Portrait

Kathryn Putnam

Founding Partner

Kate represents clients in divorces that are complex legally, financially and emotionally. She constructs thoughtful parenting plans that are respectful and fair, and are uniquely tailored to the specific needs of each family. She routinely helps business owners and high-net-worth individuals protect their assets and avoid unintended financial consequences in the future.

Kate has handled hundreds of divorces, and she takes pride in applying a custom approach to every case, taking into consideration each client’s individual goals and needs.

Through years of mediation training and dispute resolution Kate has developed a deep knowledge of conflict – how to avoid it, and, when necessary, how to confront it. In her practice she strives to address the emotional stresses of divorce along with the legal proceedings. She works to understand her clients’ goals and expectations to develop solutions that are productive, healthy and just.

Kate has been recognized as a "Top Lawyer" of Omaha in the area of Family Law for 2021. She is a former chair of the Nebraska State Bar Association’s Family Law Section and is also a court-approved Parenting Act Mediator and Guardian ad Litem.


  • J.D., Pepperdine School of Law, 2007
  • Certificate in Dispute Resolution, Straus Institute of Dispute Resolution, 2007
  • B.A., University of Kansas, 2004
  • American Bar Association
  • Nebraska Bar Association
  • Chair - Family Law Section, former
  • Leadership Academy, 2015
  • Omaha Bar Association
    Certifications & Training:
  • Certified by the Nebraska Office of Dispute Resolution in Basic Mediation
  • Nebraska Guardian Ad Litem
  • Nebraska Parenting Act Mediator
  • Graduate of the National Institute of Trial Advocacy
Courtney Ruwe Portrait

Courtney Ruwe

Associate Attorney

Growing up on a farm in rural Nebraska, Courtney developed a strong work ethic and determination that has translated to her zealous advocacy. Courtney prides herself in getting to know her clients and putting their needs first. She takes time getting to know her clients and accounts for their needs every step of the way. She represents clients in complex custody matters, high net worth divorces, Guardianships and Conservatorship, and high conflict cases. While Courtney enjoys advocating for her clients in the courtroom, she knows that every case requires a balanced approach.

Courtney has received dispute resolution training and is a collaborative professional. In 2022 she was recognized as a “Great Plains Rising Star Super Lawyer.” She is a past Dan Jewell Trial Institute participant and volunteers for low bono and pro bono cases with a focus on domestic violence. Courtney is a member of the American Bar Association, Nebraska Bar Association, Omaha Bar Association, and Sarpy Bar Association.


    Bar Admissions:
  • Nebraska
  • Iowa
  • J.D., Creighton University School of Law, 2016
  • B.A., University of Nebraska at Lincoln, 2011
  • American Bar Association
  • Nebraska Bar Association
  • Iowa Bar Association
  • Omaha Bar Association
  • Sarpy County Bar Association
  • Nebraska Academy of Collaborative Professionals
  • International Academy of Collaborative Professionals
    Certifications & Training:
  • Certified by the Nebraska Office of Dispute Resolution in Basic Mediation
  • Nebraska Parenting Act Mediator
  • International Academy of Collaborative Professionals-Collaborative Law Training
Ellie Frans Portrait

Ellie Frans

Legal Assistant

Ellie joined Astley Putnam with a Bachelor’s in Criminology and Criminal Justice from UNO and experience in supporting attorneys in various law practices including corporate, business, and litigation. At Astley Putnam she, above all, enjoys helping others manage their cases and interacting with clients.

When Ellie is not in the office you will find her at home hanging out with her two cats, Atlas and Norway. She loves cooking and baking and trying new recipes in her free time.

Cassandra Powers-Flemming Portrait



Cassandra comes to Astley Putnam with a background in office management and client relations.

Her passion for helping others translates well and helps her take the very best care of our clients. In her spare time she volunteers with Team Rubicon, a non-profit natural disaster relief team comprised mostly of veterans and first responders.

Astley Putnam Conference Room

How We Work

Your divorce attorney will be your guide through an emotional and stressful transition.

What We Pledge to You:

  • We will work with you.
    We want to make divorce more accessible. We will use real language, not legal jargon. We will manage your expectations, not just tell you what we think you want to hear. We will provide you with timely updates on your case. We will be efficient, thoughtful and purposeful in our representation at all stages of the dissolution process.
  • We will customize our work on your case.
    We recognize every divorce is different. We do not apply a one-size-fits-all philosophy, and we will consider your specific circumstances, providing a custom strategy that is right for you. Where possible, we will think “outside the box” to ensure the best chance of a positive outcome for you and your family.
  • We will act diplomatically until we can’t.
    We will make a significant and purposeful effort to avoid unnecessary litigation. We will make reasonable accommodations, act with professional decorum, and look for collaborative solutions. If those efforts fail, we will be prepared to fight for your interests in Court.
  • We will work with integrity.
    We will not bend the rules for any client, ever. We will abide by the Nebraska Rules of Professional Conduct. We will not enable unethical behavior from our clients. We will do our best to reduce acrimony both with your spouse and with opposing counsel. We do not fight for the sake of fighting.
  • We will put your best interest first.
    We will advise you to settle your case only when we think the settlement is in your best interest. We are not afraid of a fight if we believe, after consulting with you, that the potential for a positive outcome is worth the risk and the cost. We will be honest with you about our feelings on these subjects so that you can make the best possible decision.

What We Ask of You:

  • Follow the rules.
    We do not work with clients who are not truthful, forthcoming or seek to undermine their spouse’s relationship with their children.
  • Invest in this process.
    Divorce requires resources and thoughtful attention. On the financial side, hasty moves now could result in significant consequences down the road. For parents, you may be subject to a custody plan for 15 years; it is worth it to get it right the first time. Consider your goals, consider the alternatives, and determine what matters most to you.
  • Be organized and ready to assist.
    Review our Divorce Document Checklist; have these items organized and ready in PDF or printed format. This will save you considerable time and money and allow us to focus on advancing your case.
  • Follow our advice.
    You have hired us because we provide knowledge, expertise and experience. This is probably your first divorce, it is not ours. While ultimately decisions about your case are up to you, have an open mind and give due consideration to the advice given to you throughout your case.
Man with pen

How To Get Started

Divorce can be scary, we are here to answer your questions throughout the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question icon
    Can I file my divorce in Nebraska?
  • Question icon
    To file a divorce in Nebraska, you must be a resident of the State of Nebraska for one (1) year prior to filing your divorce. If you have not been a residence for one (1) year, you can file for a Legal Separation and convert it to a divorce action once the 1-year requirement has been fulfilled. In either case, your children must have lived here for six (6) months for a Nebraska judge to make an order determining their custody.
  • Question icon
    What are the first steps in the legal process?
  • Question icon
    The first step is to find a lawyer you trust. Divorce is stressful, and you need to find a professional who can answer your questions and walk you through the process. The divorce proceedings start when one spouse files a Complaint for Dissolution and the other spouse is served with that Complaint by the Sheriff’s Department.
  • Question icon
    Is there a waiting period once the Decree is filed?
  • Question icon
    In Nebraska, your divorce Decree is final 30 days after it is filed with the Court.. Neither spouse can re-marry for 6 months, and you may be required to provide health insurance to your former spouse for 6 months.
  • Question icon
    How long will it take me to get divorced?
  • Question icon
    We can’t predict how long your case will take. The average contested case (i.e. no agreements for custody or division of assets) takes 18-24 months. Some cases take longer. If your case is less complex, or if you and your spouse can agree on custody and/or the division of your marital estate, 12 months is a reasonable estimate.
  • Question icon
    Can I get divorced without going to court?
  • Question icon
    Yes. If you and your spouse reach an agreement on all issues, the Court can enter your Decree of Dissolution without either of you appearing in Court. We try to resolve all of our cases this way when possible.
  • Question icon
    How do I know if I have to pay maintenance or alimony?
  • Question icon
    Alimony is addressed by the Court on a case-by-case basis. There are no state-wide guidelines to determine whether or not alimony will be paid, or what the duration may be. We will discuss how alimony laws may apply to the particulars of your case during your initial consultation.
  • Question icon
    How much will this cost?
  • Question icon
    That depends on a lot of things. We can control how we approach your case, but we cannot always control the behavior of your spouse or their counsel. You can keep your fees as low as possible by being organized, responsive, and reasonable. We can help by using technology and our efficient practices to maximize the value we deliver for the work we perform. Clients who are organized, engaged and thorough in their preparation of financial documents generally find that their legal fees are significantly lower than their counterparts who rely on their attorneys to chase down and organize their records.
  • Question icon
    What documents do I need to compile?
  • Question icon
    Don’t worry about that just yet. At your consultation, we can help you decide what you need to compile so that you invest your time and effort in the right places.
  • Question icon
    What’s the best way to organize my documents?
  • Question icon
    If you are able, the best way to organize your documents is in PDF form. Each file should be clearly labeled so the document is readily identifiable without opening the document itself. If you are not able to format your documents into a PDF, printed copies are fine as well. They should be legible and easy to read, organized by document type and by date. Remove all staples or binding clips so they can be scanned, and do not put notes or stickies on the documents.

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